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We Are a Global Force in Spectrum Management

For nearly 3 decades, the team at Washington Federal Strategies has successfully supported clients through the complex processes of obtaining global radio spectrum licensing, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing spectrum management services.

We are Trusted Advisors

Without a trusted advisor to obtain the proper authorizations and licenses, your project can be delayed or at worst declined, which can put millions of dollars of your company’s money at risk.

Regulatory processes are arduous and complicated to navigate, and spectrum availability is becoming more and more limited as commercial vs government are competing for radio waves.

Penalties can be incurred by not properly navigating the application process, by the following:

    • Operations without a license
    • Operations beyond the scope of a license
    • Sales without equipment authorization
    • Operating on an expired license
    • Jamming other radio operations
    • Ex parte violations
    • Tower lighting and marking violations
    • Causing harmful interference to other operations
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Our Services

We empower our clients to secure the licenses they need for their aerospace projects.


Radio Licensing

For communication links to and from satellites


Spectrum Selection

For operational links


Radio Links

Coordinated on an international level


Satellite Imagery Licensing

Required for any satellite that is imaging the earth from orbit


Payload Company Liasion

We interface with payload companies


Research & Development

Supporting your team's R&D to get your vessel or satellite ready for launch

More Practice Areas

  • Missles & Defense

  • Physics & Radio Solutions

  • Stratospheric Balloons

  • Satellite Imaging Technologies

  • University Research 

  • Test Flight

Why Choose Us

WFS has been successfully guiding clients with all of the relevant agencies involved – for many years. We know the industry, the players, and have strategic alliances that lower barriers to entry. Through our solid reputation with the gatekeepers, we can leverage more efficient and effective navigation of your projects, to save time, money and resources. We help keep your project on time and on budget.  

We have worked tirelessly, and closely with the FCC, FAA, NOAA and other spectrum regulators around the world with a licensing success rate of over 95%. On our clients’ behalf, we strategically interface with spectrum regulatory authorities such as FCC, NITA, FAA, DOD, and a wide range of federal spectrum reviewers, and foreign governments. Our team has previously been employed in these agencies, in fact.

Our team is equipped with access to resources and information without all the hoops.

WFS is a trusted advisor, an experienced resource, an industry expert, and respectful of all players, with your success and the wellness of the planet at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about our work.

Who We Work With

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ron Reedy Skeyeon

WFS has been instrumental in getting licenses from NOAA and the FCC for our VLEO satellite project.  As a startup company, we needed an advisor that grasped the uncharted territory of our innovations, and also knew how to navigate regulations in unconventional ways. The team at WFS is masterful at working collaboratively with regulatory agencies to discuss our concepts, and get the proper licenses in place. 

Ron Reedy, CEO, Skeyeon
United States
Greg Waters

The team at WFS has consistently helped us deliver our mission – creating intelligent machines to better people’s lives. This includes autonomous operation, sensor fusion, and novel innovations on radar and communications systems.  Without the effective work from WFS, our projects would not be as far along as they are. This team is a pleasure to work with. 

Greg Waters, CEO, MatrixSpace
Gary King Radio Physics Solutions Ltd UK regulations space

Anne Cortez and the team at WFS played a critical role in assisting us in securing a number of different licencing arrangements with the US regulator, the FCC.  As a small UK headquartered company, this role was even more important and WFS provided invaluable assistance in navigating our way through the regulatory framework, allowing us to conduct our trials and proof of concepts with US clients. 

Gary King, Former CEO Radio Physics Solutions
United Kingdom