Katrina Wertheim Willey

Top 10 of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, the team here at Washington Federal Strategies is grateful for the incredible journey
this year has brought! We are thrilled to have been involved in some very rewarding and instrumental work on
behalf of our clients and and clients-to-be, in addition to the wonderful interactions we have shared with our
network. Here are a few of the memorable things we’ve been up to this year.

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The Power of Regulatory Partnerships Explained

What does a regulatory partnership mean? Space technology companies are masters of innovation. Their teams consist of those who know the ins- and-outs of their niche. From astrophysicists to engineers, researchers to scientists, they cover the bases of all aspects of developing the most cutting-edge products. Just as critical as an innovation team, having a

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Advanced solar weather reporting on the horizon

We’re excited to announce that we’ve helped successfully complete a project that will ultimately provide more advanced solar weather reporting. With limited knowledge of solar disruptions, more fragile space assets, such as smallsats, can be damaged or destroyed as they unknowingly enter places where solar weather is active. As a result, SpaceX has lost dozens

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